About Train To Equip

Delivering training across a range of service providers underpinned by Family Intervention Methodology; in order to improve, enhance and support the frontline delivery of services to Early Intervention and Supporting Families

Why Train To Equip

We are a group of dedicated professionals with a variety of social care, teaching and training backgrounds, all of whom have extensive experience of designing, developing, delivering and managing training and services for families in the Voluntary, Community, Public and Private sectors. All our training associates have a background in setting up and implementing Family Intervention Services.

We’re experienced, knowledgeable experts in this field – Since January 2013 we have successfully delivered training to over 7,500 learners.

Train to Equip training courses are highly engaging and interactive. Using practical examples we ensure that all learning has relevance to your local area and workplace. We aim to give your teams the knowledge, confidence, inspiration and skills to deliver the best possible outcomes for families.

What we offer

  • Bespoke training designed to enhance your team’s skills and expand on best practice
  • Training that will meet the requirements all of identified
  • Learning styles that accommodate differentiated needs
  • Tools that have been tried and tested with a variety of families and be adapted to suit the needs of your workforce
  • Specialists in Family Intervention with a breadth of knowledge and experience
  • Analysis from activity based participation and feedback/recommendations to the commissioner following the completion of training

Well organised, structured and enjoyable training days with clear learning outcomes and assessment criteria

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