Direct Practice for Social Workers

Do your Social Workers need training and support to deliver direct work to children and families?

Existing Social Work training equips the work force with the underpinning theoretical knowledge they need to work within Social Care but doesn’t provide key expertise in engaging with families and direct practice delivery.  Families need support to understand the risks they pose to their children and how to parent effectively, while addressing the risks they present through their own behaviour.

National evidence shows that the wider determinants affecting families such as neglect, substance misuse, domestic abuse and poverty, which often present as a combination of factors, result in the need for statutory intervention through children’s social care.   Many of these families can be supported by short term robust intervention at critical points, providing the viability of stepping down to community resources and case closure to statutory teams.

Our two-day bespoke training package enables Social Workers to effectively engage at the point of referral, use expert analysis through assessment formation, create simple family friendly plans placing responsibility with the parents/carers for problem solving with the right support and chair meetings effectively, to not only hold families to account but also multi-agency partners involved in the work.

In addition to statutory social work delivery our training is effective in providing professionals with the expertise to enable placement stability and reunification of children having been looked after.

We have already trained a broad workforce of over 7000 multi-agency professionals and have strong testimonial evidence from existing teams.

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