Reflective Practice

Introduction to Reflective Practice

Learners will explore what reflective practice is and how reflective practice can be applied to professionals from a variety of disciplines, with the aim of enhancing abilities to communicate and making informed/balanced decisions.

Learners will explore models of reflective practice that can be applied to peer reflective sessions so practitioners are able to gain a general understanding of the concepts encountered, testing these concepts in a new situation and how the knowledge is re-applied building on practitioner knowledge and development.

How can practitioners apply reflective practice to everyday practice?

Learners will work in small groups of three using a case study from their own practice, reflecting on the following –

  • Initial Experience
  • Description
  • Feelings
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Conclusions (general)
  • Conclusions (specific)
  • Personal action plans
Learning outcome
The learner will:
1.     Be able to reflect on own practice using Reflective Practice Theory and its application in practice.


*Assessment Criteria is available on request*