Managers Workshop Training

Introduction to Managers Training

This 1 day training is bespoke to meet the needs of managers – some examples of topics that could be covered are:

  • Overview of training content that will be delivered to the workforce.
  • Outline of the difference between established Family Intervention Projects and the Department of Communities and local Government’s push to use the model but with changes
  • What that means for key workers/dedicated lead workers characteristics of working
  • What that means for the interventions
  • Reflective element to think about of what that will mean for their role
  • How to manage key workers/dedicated lead workers that need to be persistent/assertive
  • The impact of working models
  • The role of Managers in helping key workers/dedicated lead Workers function as effective lead professionals

Why has this Training been developed?

This workshop training has primarily been designed to support managers in developing services for whole families, to assist with reflection and to ensure that mangers are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the training that is provided in order to support the workforce to provide effective support and interventions for families with complex needs.

Who will benefit from attending the Workshop training?

  • Managers that supervise Dedicated Lead Workers and those that are locality based
  • Service Managers
  • Troubled Families Coordinators
  • Children Centre Managers
  • Youth Offending Managers
  • Family Intervention Managers