Effective Supervision and Leadership

two day effective supervision and leadership course which equips managers/team leaders with the skills to recognise the attributes a leader needs. Learners will explore the key principles of supervision and how to develop effective supervision and leadership skills through reflective practice. Learners will understand how to support staff through supervision to manage caseloads, track and monitor sustainable outcomes for families.

Each learner will be given a Learner Book which will be a reference source for training materials, including handouts, presentations, and tools to use in the field and to record any details or key points throughout the training.

Who will benefit from attending the training?

The training is relevant to anyone in a supervisory or team leader role.

Learning Outcomes:Lisa with learner

The learner will:

  1. Understand the principles and values that underpin work with parents.
  2. Understand the importance of strong leadership and management.
  3. Understand how to support key workers to ensure they undertake good factual, concise and accurate record keeping
  4. Understand why support and supervision is required in an organisation
  5. Understand how to conduct an effective supervision session and how to effectively support key workers to manage a case load
  6. Understand how to facilitate reflective practice in supervision
  7. Understand the evidence required to monitor sustainable outcomes

*Assessment Criteria available on request*